The hanami line

In general terms the Hanami Line is a Cherry Tree lined promenade. There are many opportunities and challenges with this location. Opportunities include an existing bike trail with good public access, recent improvements to the existing Matsui Park and Water Intake Overlook site, adopted plans for the Powerhouse Science Center and Railyards Site and beautiful views of the Sacramento River. Constraints include a heavily regulated flood control levee, difficult soil conditions, and access limitations along the commercial properties located at the northern end of the site. The tree plantings may require new planters, berms and/or containers to provide the soil conditions needed to promote longevity for the plantings. The root zone is of critical importance to making this design proposal successful.

Implementing the Sakuramento Hanami Line on this site will require close collaboration between multiple organizations and agencies with leadership from the City of Sacramento and the Sacramento Tree Foundation.


American River Flood Control District

Powerhouse Science Center

Railyards Developers

City Public Works and Parks Departments

Adjacent Commercial Land Owners

The River District Association